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Weather the Storm

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

With floods, bad weather, and possible power cuts around the country, health issues associated with food in the home become crucial. Here are some tips to prevent food-borne illnesses during emergencies.

Food storage

  • Eat perishables such as bread and meat first, which spoil faster.
  • Eat canned foods last.
  • Minimize food spoilage by opening the fridge only when needed.
  • Get rid of vegetables or fruits that have been lying in floodwaters.
  • Cover foods with plastic wrap or store them in waterproof containers.
  • Throw out rotting or tainted food before it spoils other food.

Food safety

  • Frozen food that retains ice crystals and has undamaged or unopened packaging can be safely refrozen.
  • Defrosted foods can be used if they were only recently defrosted and were kept cold (i.e., if the fridge is working again).
  • Dispose of any food that changed color, is slimy, or smells.
  • Throw away damaged and punctured cans or tins with split seams.