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Audio Technica Gooseneck

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

I recently decided to get a cheap mic┬áto plug right into my mixer for announcements, so I wouldn’t have to waste one of my lapel mics for the task, or mess with picking up a hand mic during announcements. I figured most any gooseneck would do, since audio fidelity wasn’t as crucial for that one as the others. It was under $30 new on Amazon.

I forgot about the less sensitive nature of dynamic mics as compared to condenser mics while I was shopping, and accidentally wound up with a dynamic mic. Despite the glowing reviews, it just isn’t going to cut it. With the gain maxed, and the slider all the way at the top, I still have to get within an inch of the thing to be audible. I wanted something I could just talk from nearby without having to lean in. Sound quality is probably fine, and the self-noise is inaudible (dynamic are better than condensers in this regard) but it just isn’t loud enough. So I followed a friend’s advice to buy audio technica gooseneck at guitar center. And I am really satisfied with my audio technica mic.