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Toddler Tuxedo

Monday, February 17th, 2014

boy_19My sister bought her 2 year old son a tuxedo at Tuxedos Online for a pageant that he was in (and won!). She got a toddler tuxedo and shoes for $77  together. It was so cheap and she was a little worried, and when it came it was GREAT! eBay seems to be more expensive than Amazon, and by far, Tuxedos Online is the cheapest for the tux.






Class Rings

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

I got mine as a gift and I like it. I think it’s really neat. I don’t wear it much but it is in a special place but I’d like to show it to my kids one day. They are nice to look back on. Mine is 10 karat white gold with amethyst, my school symbol and school name, a stringed instrument (since I play guitars), and my name engraved on it. Mine was from Joy Jewelers. Joy Jewelers can do class rings for way cheaper! Click here to check out their class ring designs.

class rings