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AZ Caregivers

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

caregiversA close friend of mine is scheduled for spinal surgery (anterior cervical decompression) next week. The surgery is to address severe herniation of her C5-C7 discs. She has tried PT and cortisone shots with no improvement, and her doctor is very concerned about the level of weakness and numbness in her right arm. So, surgery is imminent! She will be staying with me for a couple of days after she is released from the hospital because she lives in a walk-up and I don’t, and the hospital is literally across the street from my place. I want to make her as comfortable as possible and have everything I need on hand. Other than medications, her favorite foods, plenty of water, and a never-ending supply of on-demand cable, what should I have? Will she need a supportive neck pillow? Are there symptoms or issues I should watch out for? I have read many previous questions about surgery recovery, but I’m concerned specifically about this one because it’s her spine and spines are pretty important. So I went online and asked friend to help me find caregivers in AZ.

Some of my friends recommended Care from the Heart AZ Inc. They said that Care from the Heart AZ Inc. is  a compassionate, licensed & insured facility serving Youngtown,AZ area with caregivers offering consistent, top shelf quality medication to qualifying patients. And they are looking to pick up a few more patients for long term relationship with good people.

The caregivers in Youngtown,AZ take full pride and compassion of their business as well dedication to helping people who truly need it.

They require that the caregiver paperwork must be completed before any transfers, must have valid ID & MM card and willing to register with one of their caregivers.

Under the advice of my friend’s doctor she got a medical marijuana card after complaining about the effects of oxycontin.

She goes to dispensaries and pays 300 an oz for good meds, and has access to all kinds of edibles and concentrates. A care giver I know would not have nearly as much as a selection, but going off of craigslist, they say they sell ozs between 190-240.

It is frustrating to me that a legal patient have to go through this nonsense to source their medication. The only (state-wide) legal way for you to obtain marijuana is through a caregiver whom you are signed up with through the MMMP. Dispensaries are (1) known to have high markups and (2) known to get shut down like a game of whack-a-mole in AZ.

If a caregiver has overages, that he is selling online, or selling to more than his/her own five patients, then  he is not just violating the law (not allowed to possess overages) he is making himself a low hanging fruit. (sorry Revelation, law says five only.) The patients want a consistent supply and getting raided trying to help cancer patients is no fun at all.

I have a friend who is a caregiver. She said it is frustrating to find the right patients too.

This is a big enough issue that I intend to do something about it. What I’d like to see is caregivers in Youngtown,AZ where patients and caregivers can go and get matched together in the safety and comfort of their home. I want to see an end to dispensaries ripping us off. I want to see an end to federal and state persecution. I know that this system can work for both patients are caregivers, legally, but I do believe it’s next to impossible with the infrastructure that’s available at the moment.

There’s a few collectives around the state that offer high quality meds for 130-200 oz. I’m in the same boat though, my mom need a professional caregiver who actually wants to help, not a glorified street dealer, and that’s what one of the problems are there’s too many of those. I’ve talked to people getting 1-2 oz a month free, just for being a patient. In Michigan the bill has passed to make bud available through their local pharmacies, however this won’t take effect until the Feds lower weed from a scheduled 1 to a scheduled 2 drug. Hopefully soon! I can’t wait for the insurance companies to pay for my meds.