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South Beach Condominium

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

flamingo south beachFlamingo has quite the reputation among people in S. Beach. At least a few years back it was basically the epicenter of the South Beach party scene. It is a great place to live if you are young and single. Two pools (one with a bar), beach volleyball, an outdoor basketball court, and a gym. Parties are often hosted at the pools on weekends with DJs, drinks, etc… There is quite an interesting mix of people that live there ranging from club promoters, young professionals, and even some families. The complex is also so large that different sections of the towers cater to different demographics. Back in the day the Center Tower was nicest and the area where you were most likely to find quieter people working 9-5 jobs. You can see more south beach real estate here. Some of the lower floors in the other towers can be more akin to a frat party. Some units are quite nice, others not so much. Renting it out to vacationers should be relatively easy given the location.

Toddler Tuxedo

Monday, February 17th, 2014

boy_19My sister bought her 2 year old son a tuxedo at Tuxedos Online for a pageant that he was in (and won!). She got a toddler tuxedo and shoes for $77  together. It was so cheap and she was a little worried, and when it came it was GREAT! eBay seems to be more expensive than Amazon, and by far, Tuxedos Online is the cheapest for the tux.






Class Rings

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

I got mine as a gift and I like it. I think it’s really neat. I don’t wear it much but it is in a special place but I’d like to show it to my kids one day. They are nice to look back on. Mine is 10 karat white gold with amethyst, my school symbol and school name, a stringed instrument (since I play guitars), and my name engraved on it. Mine was from Joy Jewelers. Joy Jewelers can do class rings for way cheaper! Click here to check out their class ring designs.

class rings

Chiropractic Treatment for Headache

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

There are many techniques for headache treatment but chiropractic is awfully unique. It is a hands-on and drug-free approach that only relies on the only capacity of the body to cure itself. Chiropractic believes that headache originated from the structural anomaly of the backbone. Often times, these misalignments in the backbone will lead to defects due to the continual turmoil to the blood and oxygen flow throughout the spine.

To effectively cure migraine, symptoms should be addressed together with the cause. Chiropractic makes it a point to treat a patient holistically. The spinal manipulation, which is the specialty of a chiropractor, will revive correct alignment of the spinal bones. This may result to free flowing of the trail of blood, oxygen and nutrients from and to the brain. Additionally, the potential of treating headache is particularly high while there is also a massive probability that other afflictions, both perceived and real, might be assuaged by chiropractic.

The efficacy of chiropractic as a headache treatment has been well established. It is currently the best alternative medicine and one of the biggest medical professions to the present day. This should not be surprising because there are many unprejudiced studies conducted both by skeptics and professionals that had been printed. Along with living testimonials and satisfaction of many clients, chiropractic has made its way to declaring its efficiency all throughout the world. It is time for you to discover it’s healing wonders by visiting a chiropractic hospital near you.

Selecting migraine treatment is very important so as to be as good as practicable. There are several approaches to control headache but one approach stands out and that’s chiropractic. Columbus headache treatment

Migraine is distinguished by throbbing or pounding agony which could go from mild to insufferable agony. Due to this, the nervous system may respond with revulsion and barfing. The person might also report flashes of light or aura, sensitivity to light and shivering sensation in the extremities. Headache sometimes happens on one side of the head. It may last from a few hours to several days.

The etiology of migraine is still unclear. It is believed the brain undergoes hyperactivity that results to the vasodilation of small blood vessels that coils around massive vessels. This can trigger the pain chemicals to be released. This entire process may occur many times till the pain will become too significant that a customer will look for a headache treatment.

Treatment for Headache


Essential Elements 2000

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Hal Leonard Essential Elements For Band - Trumpet Book 1 With EEiEssentially, it’s a practice tool that makes students practice more frequently and more effectively. The essential elements 2000 book 1 trumpet is intended for musicians who play trumpets or who are involved in a band. The software appeals to school band, choir and orchestra teachers. It includes play-along mp3* tracks for all exercises: Features a professional player on your instrument, Duets and trios: Print and play parts with friends, Music listening library: Hear great pieces for band, Theory, History, Cross-Curriculum and Creativity, Daily Warm-ups & Rubank Studies, etc.

Patio Dog Door

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

patio dog doorI have seen a lot of sliding glass doggy door panels for regular sliding glass doors, but not a single one for the size of my sliding glass door and second I need one with a pretty big opening, so when my boxer is full grown it can go through easily. I found a patio dog door and bought mine from Radio Fence. They have all sizes there had to get one for my brother’s big bulldog.


Rev-A-Shelf Cookware Organizer

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

cookware organizerI bought the 12″ wide version (they come in different widths depending on the width of your base cabinet opening) to organize my pots and pans and it is sitting on the dining room floor waiting for me to get done with lighting and drywall before I install it. I also bought the 2-tier flat storage racks. I have a 240v outlet in the back of one side of the cabinet that I’m going to have to work around. I also took the time to glue down a 1/4″ sheet of oak plywood and seal it with polyurathene (sp?) to re-inforce the bottom and give it a bit more strength and something for the screws to bit into. My cabs are cheap particle board. Several years ago I installed their 2-basket trash organizer and it has worked well so I was confident in the cookware products.

Line 6 Guitar

Monday, November 11th, 2013

I have the Line 6 Sonic Port which works with the iPad Lightning cable (or older iPad or USB). It will work with laptop/desktop like a mini TonePort. In my opinion it is better than the iRigHD.

It is a recording interface, not a substitute for a guitar amp.  You could use it and the iPad/MobilePOD as an FX rack. I purchased it when I picked up my line 6 guitar at musicians friend.

The Mobile In runs with their Jammit app as well as MobilePOD.


Audio Technica Gooseneck

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

I recently decided to get a cheap mic to plug right into my mixer for announcements, so I wouldn’t have to waste one of my lapel mics for the task, or mess with picking up a hand mic during announcements. I figured most any gooseneck would do, since audio fidelity wasn’t as crucial for that one as the others. It was under $30 new on Amazon.

I forgot about the less sensitive nature of dynamic mics as compared to condenser mics while I was shopping, and accidentally wound up with a dynamic mic. Despite the glowing reviews, it just isn’t going to cut it. With the gain maxed, and the slider all the way at the top, I still have to get within an inch of the thing to be audible. I wanted something I could just talk from nearby without having to lean in. Sound quality is probably fine, and the self-noise is inaudible (dynamic are better than condensers in this regard) but it just isn’t loud enough. So I followed a friend’s advice to buy audio technica gooseneck at guitar center. And I am really satisfied with my audio technica mic.

Heavy Duty Bath Benches

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Bariatric Aluminum Bath Bench with BackMy friend’s father have a Bariatric Aluminum Bath Bench with Back.  His father lost the ability to sit up well. My friend like most things about it, and my friend’s father find it comfortable. His father weighs 192, and the Bariatric Aluminum Bath Bench with Back has a 550-lb. (249 kg) weight capacity. However, it is also difficult for him to raise him back to a more upright position after washing his hair and bathing him. In these cases, my friend thought that it might be easier for a PALS  or had a caregiver with a little more umpth than him.

I also have an uncle that can only stand in the shower for 3- 5 minutes, and he also have a Bariatric Bath Bench in his shower. Since the seat height of the bath bench is adjustable,  he can easily reach his feet to wash and scrub them. He loves  to wash his feet even if  they do not get sweaty and dirty since he is pretty much chair-bound. His shower has a handrail built in, so he’d use that to pull himself up from the bench if necessary. Over the years he had to purchase a few different bath benches before settling  with the Bariatric Bath Bench. He learned that getting the right one takes a lot of work with the right people at the right store.

The things my friend and uncle like the most about the  heavy duty bath benches  is that it is very sturdy, seat height is adjustable for a proper fit and a factor for many people with limited mobility, with a rubber feet to resist slipping on the bathtub or shower floor making it much easier to wash the whole body.