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Chiropractic Treatment for Headache

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

There are many techniques for headache treatment but chiropractic is awfully unique. It is a hands-on and drug-free approach that only relies on the only capacity of the body to cure itself. Chiropractic believes that headache originated from the structural anomaly of the backbone. Often times, these misalignments in the backbone will lead to defects due to the continual turmoil to the blood and oxygen flow throughout the spine.

To effectively cure migraine, symptoms should be addressed together with the cause. Chiropractic makes it a point to treat a patient holistically. The spinal manipulation, which is the specialty of a chiropractor, will revive correct alignment of the spinal bones. This may result to free flowing of the trail of blood, oxygen and nutrients from and to the brain. Additionally, the potential of treating headache is particularly high while there is also a massive probability that other afflictions, both perceived and real, might be assuaged by chiropractic.

The efficacy of chiropractic as a headache treatment has been well established. It is currently the best alternative medicine and one of the biggest medical professions to the present day. This should not be surprising because there are many unprejudiced studies conducted both by skeptics and professionals that had been printed. Along with living testimonials and satisfaction of many clients, chiropractic has made its way to declaring its efficiency all throughout the world. It is time for you to discover it’s healing wonders by visiting a chiropractic hospital near you.

Selecting migraine treatment is very important so as to be as good as practicable. There are several approaches to control headache but one approach stands out and that’s chiropractic. Columbus headache treatment

Migraine is distinguished by throbbing or pounding agony which could go from mild to insufferable agony. Due to this, the nervous system may respond with revulsion and barfing. The person might also report flashes of light or aura, sensitivity to light and shivering sensation in the extremities. Headache sometimes happens on one side of the head. It may last from a few hours to several days.

The etiology of migraine is still unclear. It is believed the brain undergoes hyperactivity that results to the vasodilation of small blood vessels that coils around massive vessels. This can trigger the pain chemicals to be released. This entire process may occur many times till the pain will become too significant that a customer will look for a headache treatment.

Treatment for Headache


Medicare Plan

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Nowadays, we cannot afford to be sick. One day out of the office would mean some work not done which most of the time would affect our salary. It would be best to have some kind of insurance or Medicare plan in case some kind of health problem occurs. With the right medical plan, check ups for sickness can be done without worries regarding the cash at hand.

Dr. Anders Cohen, Premier Neurosurgeon

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Good health, fitness, and wellness- these are the things that you want for yourself and your family. Even the flagging economy is not expected to significantly blunt the people’s need and desire to get healthy and stay fit. In fact, some US physicians and psychologists are quoted as saying in the New York Times article, health and fitness should matter more than ever when people get laid from their jobs.

Indeed, being and staying healthy is significant as well as finding the best health care provider that delivers quality service. If you need assistance about disorders affecting your central and peripheral nervous systems, or your spinal column, you can get the help of  Dr. Anders Cohen. He is a graduate of the prestigious New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine and a former resident at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Dr. Cohen now serves as the head of the Neurosurgery Unit of the Brooklyn Hospital Center, and is also affiliated with the St. Barnabas Hospital in Bronx. He is also known for being the first New York surgeon to perform the XLIF, AxialLIF (Trans1) and dynamic rod procedures. You are indeed certain to experience innovative technologies and techniques under Dr. Cohen’s care.