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Patio Dog Door

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

patio dog doorI have seen a lot of sliding glass doggy door panels for regular sliding glass doors, but not a single one for the size of my sliding glass door and second I need one with a pretty big opening, so when my boxer is full grown it can go through easily. I found a patio dog door and bought mine from Radio Fence. They have all sizes there had to get one for my brother’s big bulldog.


Rev-A-Shelf Cookware Organizer

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

cookware organizerI bought the 12″ wide version (they come in different widths depending on the width of your base cabinet opening) to organize my pots and pans and it is sitting on the dining room floor waiting for me to get done with lighting and drywall before I install it. I also bought the 2-tier flat storage racks. I have a 240v outlet in the back of one side of the cabinet that I’m going to have to work around. I also took the time to glue down a 1/4″ sheet of oak plywood and seal it with polyurathene (sp?) to re-inforce the bottom and give it a bit more strength and something for the screws to bit into. My cabs are cheap particle board. Several years ago I installed their 2-basket trash organizer and it has worked well so I was confident in the cookware products.


Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Having a garden or some plants in planters can make a part of the house look cool. If there is no space for a garden, some pots or hanging baskets for plants can be used. Pots with different designs like the Guy Wolff pottery can be placed almost anywhere in or out of the house. The addition of some plants in the house of course helps in cleaning the air and adding breathable air.


Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Whether the house is old or new, people will try to make improvements on it. It may be major improvements if it is an old house or some additional furniture and displays. A plain looking apartment will look more cozy and presentable with some drapes and displays on the tables and walls. Some buy curtains for the windows to make them look better and also give some shade from the sun. Sometimes, just the additional curtain or swag on the windows can make the room look a lot better than without it.

Light Ballast

Friday, October 12th, 2012

A lot of homes and buildings use fluorescent lamps. They are brighter than the incandescent ones and can illuminate a room much better. But in order for a fluorescent lamp to work, it will need its own ballast to start it up and supply power to it. If in need of a ballast, there is the advance ballast at It may be what you need to keep those fluorescent lights going and keeping the place bright and cheerful.

Clawfoot Tubs

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

There are lots of bathtubs with different styles and designs for the modern home but some like the look of the old bathtubs better. They have pedestal tubs or the clawfoot tubs in their bathrooms. The vintage bathtub gives a bathroom a classic look that people like. It’s like going back to the 19th century making a modern home have a vintage look when inside the bathroom.

Monitor Stand

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

A lot of homes have televisions in their bedrooms. Watching TV at night has become a habit for a lot of people before going to sleep. Some people place their TV on a small cabinet or drawer. Others put their TV on a monitor stand or cart which is a bit more convenient when you need a way to move the TV or to at least adjust its height. It does not feel so comfortable watching a TV that is too high or too low. Having the option to adjust the height of the television to a comfortable level can help viewing become more enjoyable.

Pad Foam

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

A lot of houses use wooden or rustic furniture. They like the way their homes look when they use them It’s like having a home filled with warmth like the older houses they grew up in. But having wooden furniture would be a bit hard to sit on. A seat cushion or pad foam can make a seat or chair more comfortable. There are even foams that are designed for long period use by softening pressure and allowing air flow within the pad.

New Ceiling Lights

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

A little change in the house can be good from time to time. It may be a change some of the furniture or decorations or even in the lights that are used. The lighting of a house can set the mood. When the light is bright it can make things lively but there are those who want it a bit dim to make it more relaxing to the eyes. The lights can contribute to the look of the whole room. If there is a certain style in mind, there are ceiling lights at that may appeal or may be perfect for you. The results may be just what is needed for that perfect room.

Nuts and Bolts

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Not all people are really good with their hands or with manual labor. There are some who are good at building things and improving things like their own homes. They are quite the handyman though not all of them work as a carpenter. But like all those who try to improve their homes, they also have their own supply of screws, bolts and nuts. They know the difference or usage of the carriage bolt with the elevator bolt or any other available bolt, screw or fastener used in carpentry or for building. These simple bolts and screws are what keeps things together and using the right ones would make the structure sturdier. It must be great being able to build your own house using your own design or at least improve it and making it look better and feel better about it.