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Friday, July 8th, 2011

The sun’s rays seem to intensify each time the sun is out. We can really feel the heat even in our homes. It is also so bright outside that it can hurt our eyes. To take care of ourselves, we use sunscreen, conditioners and sunglasses. There are different styles of sunglasses which of course can complement our outfits. For a better look, there are gucci sunglasses that are fashionable and stylish. We can protect our eyes and keep in style.

Youthful Hands

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Your face may be baby-soft and creaseless, but your hands will always give your age away. The passing years show on an aging woman’s hands, however well-preserved the rest of her body may be. The wrinkles, enlarged veins, and prominent tendons on her hands tell the story of her years.

To prevent your hands from drying and wrinkling, it is necessary to improve blood circulation and hydrate them. Skin experts advise the following:

  • Wash without soap. Regular use of soap and hand cleansers dries skin easily. Hand sanitizers and alcohol are better alternatives.
  • Moisturize. Apply a moisturizing cream after washing. If your facial moisturizer contains retinoid and alpha hydroxyl acids, it will work as well for your hands. These ingredients will help build collagen and plump up skin for younger-looking hands. Other moisturizing ingredients are shea butter, olive oil, glycerin, and vitamin E. A product with sun protection factor of at least SPF 30 is also recommended.
  • Massage. Aside from stimulating blood circulation, massage speeds up absorption of moisturizers and creams. Massage palms and the back of your hands using upward and downward strokes.