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I have a friend who were involved with a con artist, and an emotional, financial, and physical abuser. He knew how to work the system and my ended up in a situation where he needed an attorney. He was referred to criminal defense attorney.

My friend’s criminal defense attorney is responsive. He and my friend met the same day he contacted him. In fact, he postponed family plans to meet my friend late after court. He took my friend on as his client immediately and my friend just knew he was in good hands and with the best. Once my friend was his client, he returned my friend’s message within the hour, and if for some reason he can’t because he is sometimes very busy since he is also a DUI attorney Phoenix , he always let my friend know when he could. He regularly updated my friend and my friend had status.

The DUI attorney and his private investigator will exceed your expectations. Never once did they make my friend feel embarrassed or ashamed. They made it very clear that they represent my friend and went above and beyond to investigate my friend’s case and gather facts my friend didn’t even think of.

His professionalism, and warm demeanor got my friend through each appearance. Not to mention, he’s pretty funny and always brought a smile to my friends face.

The lawyer’s expertise combined with his relations with the District Attorney’s office are quite impressive. Everyone that knows him has the upmost respect for him.​

Not only was my friend’s case dismissed with no record, my friend now have a lifetime attorney and friend.​​ The lawyer’s knowledge and responsiveness were a large source of comfort for my friend during a week of stressful unknowns revolving around a terrible experience. What my friend went through was very frightening. When my friend had exhausted most relevant and local sources of information and my friend’s attempts to plan preparations for the court date were met with overwhelming ambiguity, that is when he sought out legal counsel. After encountering terse responses or none at all from others, I found the DUI attorney Phoenix.

At the consultation with the attorney he already had a plan of attack on how to minimize the damage that would be inflicted by the court. Additionally, he was willing to work out a payment plan to help ease the financial cost. During the process my friend had doubts, because you always want to make sure you hired the right attorney to give you the best opportunity against the system and upon consulting with other attorneys they had nothing but high praise for my friend’s lawyer and his ability.

Not only was my friend’s lawyer very approachable, but he also offered my friend legal explanations and guidance in a way that my friend could understand. He was very patient with my friend’s whirlwind of questions and responded in a timely manner, even over the weekend. He had access to contacts my friend didn’t and was able to give my friend updates.

There were many times my friend had to go to court, as they’ve tried different ways of having my friends case dismissed, and my friend’s lawyer was always there to make sure my friend felt good and confident. My friend dreaded going in every time, but he always showed he cared about my friend as a person and not just someone paying him to go through the motions. My friend always left feeling much better than when he arrived. He has a great personality, and is very transparent with his work load and keeping you up-to-date with any updates to your case. Even if it’s just a sentence or two to let you know some updates, he is always proactive and highly responsive to any questions you may have.

Moreover, his non-judgmental and understanding tone during their correspondence helped put my friend at ease. My friend was reassured further when he offered to discuss reasonable fees since my friend had just paid for bail and he was aware of my friend’s income situation. My friend hold his lawyer in very high regard because of his willingness to extend help to anyone. All my friend have to offer was his sincere gratitude.

The lawyer’s results were miraculous to my friend and better than my friend had expected.  He responded quickly and clearly to all my friend’s questions and concerns and often welcomed, and then, almost always, relieved my worries.

If finding yourself in the scary situation of needing excellent criminal representation, I cannot recommend DUI attorney Phoenix more highly.  They told my friend he would take care of my friend.  And, they did.

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