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South Beach Condominium

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

flamingo south beachFlamingo has quite the reputation among people in S. Beach. At least a few years back it was basically the epicenter of the South Beach party scene. It is a great place to live if you are young and single. Two pools (one with a bar), beach volleyball, an outdoor basketball court, and a gym. Parties are often hosted at the pools on weekends with DJs, drinks, etc… There is quite an interesting mix of people that live there ranging from club promoters, young professionals, and even some families. The complex is also so large that different sections of the towers cater to different demographics. Back in the day the Center Tower was nicest and the area where you were most likely to find quieter people working 9-5 jobs. You can see more south beach real estate here. Some of the lower floors in the other towers can be more akin to a frat party. Some units are quite nice, others not so much. Renting it out to vacationers should be relatively easy given the location.